Go + Grow with the Flow | Mind-Shift Pt. 2

I'm an overthinker. I over analyze the smallest of issues and get worked up when feats don't pan out they way I believe should. Spoken like a true control freak. Hashtag perfectionist. Here's what I had to cope and come to terms with: nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. When you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing.

You've found yourself in part two of the mind-shift series. Today's post will be on endurance. 

Note to self,

The hardest step I ever had to take was boldly trusting in who I was. To trust that everything is working out the way it's supposed to and to not resist. If you missed part one on eliminating your fears, catch up here. Since facing my own fears and deciding to approach life with purpose, I realized that it's best to drop expectations. I'm on a new path and I'm allowing reality to simply be that reality. It's an indescribable kind of flow. However, it makes a difference. Busying myself trying to force things to happen only makes the situation more stressful. Pushing against the current and getting nowhere. That's usually our first mistake, thinking God isn't working quickly enough so we attempt to take matters into our own hands only messing things up even more. Thankfully enough, when we just embrace and allow things to flow naturally for us, everything falls into place effortlessly.

When I chase after what I think I want, my life feels hectic, stressful and clogged. Once I allow myself to sit in my own place of patience— I feel refreshed, free and unstoppable. Plus, everything meant for me starts popping up once I stop being stubborn anyway. Life is easier on you when you stop analyzing, precisely planning, embrace the unknown and see what happens.

It's vital for us to be exactly where we are and not where we think we should be. Be present and I mean be all there. Fully. I believe our biggest defeat as human beings is believing that the next moment holds more importance than the one in front of us right now. Worrying about situations and devising scenarios that haven't even happened yet (whether it be ideally realistic or a complete affliction caused by our own overthinking) we miss out on a lot of life. Honestly, it's okay to slow down sometimes. It's okay for plans to be a little out of whack. It's okay to accept your present moments. Work with it not against it. You'll be presented with a lot of tough moments, but grow with them. There's no need to rush the greatness in your destiny.

The day I finally decided to release myself from trying to be two steps ahead of what's already written for me, was the day life was lived abundantly. It's quite beautiful if I must say so myself. Now, don't go thinking that I'm some mastermind of peace ok? However, my advice to you is: take it easy, breathe, relax and give yourself permission to chill. In fact, the question is whether or not you will allow yourself to be in touch with your present moments?

Moral of the story (or perhaps blog post in this instance) is to show up in every single moment like you're meant to be there. To be intentional through the good and the bad times. No matter how long your journey seems to be or how badly it seems you just can't catch a break— there is never more than the current moment. Trust and believe, you aren't missing a thing.

I'm no longer ashamed of the storms God forced me to go through. Life planted me here and God trusts in me to blossom gracefully.

Here's to enjoying all parts of life.. the joyful, questionable and downright irritating. Growth comes from all phases.


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Ashley Avenu. Jeremiah 29:11.