Eliminating Fear to Move Forward | Mind-Shift Pt. 1

 I took a slight break away from the blog to unplug and fully embrace my vacay. While enjoying every precious moment throughout that mini break, I was able to reconnect with my creative flow. Although I didn't do much blogging, I did take in all of Gods creation and nature around me. This simple act of gratitude allowed me to tap into my innermost feelings, dislikes, and places for soul improvement. Watching the sunset on the lake is a serene sense of inspiration which allowed me to embrace ways to fix my thinking. Just sitting there in admiration... myself, nature and God— absent from all the troubles of the world, gave me a renewed appreciation of life. A complete shift of mindset. A yearning desire to live my best life, but in a more reformed way than before.  

Today's post is part one of my mind-shift series. The way we think of ourselves, our lives and the necessities we have now compared to what we desire from life, makes a big impact on what we actually manifest. So, I decided to do a series on shifting the attitude of your mind for the greater good. Starting with fear.

Why do we consume ourselves with fear? This one characteristic limits you from taking chances and trusting in yourself. I get it, failure is a scary concept to face, but your timidness of failure should never stop you. Staying in your little bubble of comfort will never introduce your strength.

Put yourself out there and see what comes of it. Often, we sit around thinking of these really brilliant ideas or projects and new skill sets we want to acquire but never take the opportunity to act on it. Then it's back to day dreaming about everything you coulda shoulda woulda did. Honestly, the only reason why fear devours our creative ideas, plans and actions are simply because of other people. You are scared to fail because of what other people might say or think. Nonetheless, success has already been engraved in our minds and the idea of what it looks like has been emphasized thanks to social media. So, if something doesn't work out for us as well as what's deemed successful we automatically label it as a failure. We have to stop doing that. Start by shifting your mind and asking one simple question. What does failure mean to me? Modify your own definition and decide what constitutes failure for you. Readjusting your thoughts will release all the anxiety you have. If society's criteria can't define your failure for you is there really any point to having fear?

Even then, failure isn't always about failed attempts. It's a tool, the foundation to rebuild you, your belief and the life you so badly strive for. Change your perspective of failure as an opportunity to grow. You simply can't live in fear while simultaneously trying to push forward. The universe senses that kind of confusion which results in stagnation. Stop going back and forth. You have to be purposeful with your thoughts, intentions and the words you speak out loud. If you want results, you have to take a chance on your capabilities.

Living in fear won't allow you to see your efforts succeeding. Most importantly, living in fear doesn't grant you the luxury of living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Why are you scared of going after a life nobody can provide for you, but you?

Sometimes what you're most afraid of is the very thing that will set you free. When a purpose or path is laid before us, we have a choice to trust and go with it or remain stuck in fear. Which road are you picking today?

You have to eliminate fears in order to move forward. Fearful living only makes you fail yourself from not truly living and showing who you are and what you offer (whether you knew that or not).
Be fearless with your attempts, the worst that can come from a failed outcome is humility and growth.

Lastly, conquering fears is less about conquering and more about facing. Be willing to observe all the positive possibilities you've been missing out on.

Here's to renewed living. 🥂


  1. Yes. Yes. And more YEEEEESSSS!

    Failure isn't always about failed attempts!! (My favorite part)

    This post hits home. So many times I put off things because of fear and what people might think. But I had to realize that the people's opinion couldn't compare to the calling God has on my life. So I always just GO FOR IT!

    Amazing post! I read it twice lol u

    1. Thank you Mellie! Yes, I used to be so consumed with not doing things I truly longed to do because of what people might think IF I failed. Even then, that percentage of IF is huge. I'm really happy you could resonate. Failed attempts do not equate failure, it builds wisdom to take along the second time around.

  2. Fear keeps so many of us from fulfilling our purpose. I'm so glad I've faced a lot of my fears but with new levels come new fears sometimes. That's when we need to remind ourselves that we've been through this before and we CAN do this! Looking forward to the series sis.

    1. Exactly! I can relate with this comment in many ways. Once you get familiar with overcoming fear it begins to be second nature. We're human, we may feel fearful with newness, but taking the leap is the formula we need to keep. Thank you! Can't wait to share.

  3. You are scared to fail because of what other people might say or think. ---> come on now !! Yesss lol and this is soooo true because I've gone through that but, I've learned to kick fear in the face and do what makes me happy, even if it's not a pleasing to others and that's the problem it's like some people stop doing what makes them happy and worry so much of other people opinions. We get so excited about something and as soon as someone say something unexcited, it puts us back into a box of fear and like we need to kick fear in the face. Let's protest that "kick fear in the face" lol just kidding but, seriously kick fear in the face .... amazing post plus well written. ❤️

    Much love,

    1. YES Stacey! I was that person who would become doubtful after sharing something and getting an unexcited response back. I feel like so many people, shoot probably majority of people store so many good ideas away because of the opinion of those around them. In my case, I had to ditch the debbie downers and surround myself with those who were not only going to support me to no end, but also keep it one hundred with me at all times - good or bad. I think that's so important. I love that little slogan, kick fear in the face. Thank you so much for reading!


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