How I Refocus My Energy Towards Self Awareness & Personal Growth

Ever since I moved back to the Central Valley, I have been falling in love with taking care of myself. Although being a former student-athlete caused me to take very good care of my health and body, it's become more than just physical care for me. I still implement exercise and nutrition into my daily life, but I never pampered my mind, body, and spirit. It's important to love yourself in all aspects, but also, analyze and critique yourself on how you think, act and behave. Self-love without self-awareness is basically pointless. So, I've been making sure I hold myself accountable. 

Every morning, I start my day by confronting things that hold myself back by journaling. I've been following Brittney Moses on Pinterest since I made one and we recently just connected on Twitter. She's all about health and mental wellness, so of course, I gave her app a look around. What I love the most about the app is the release of journal prompts that come out the beginning of every month. I started taking full advantage of these to master my own clarity and optimize productivity. Clarity has become the first focus for me in the mornings. Taking time out to make sure that my intentions are set for the day has become quite addictive, to say the least. True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress in my opinion. There is power in investing in yourself. 

This one simple activity has caused me to reveal my true self to myself. It's made me face doubts and fears that I seemingly push aside and bypass. However, once I started I was awakened by questions that truly made me dig deep and forced me to refocus on the importance of my own introspection while pursuing mindfulness. 

It's a humbling process ya know, self-reflection. 

In fact, I am shedding old ways and beliefs that no longer fit who I am becoming. I am present to myself. My priorities are harbored in sophrosyne because healthy boundaries are necessities. I have made it a point to recharge daily and face all challenges I've formed within me. 

I know writing isn't for everyone, but it really does help. Your answers don't have to be an essay long, but getting to the meat of the matter when answering the questions allow you to identify opportunities for improvement. Self-love and self-awareness are intertwined and the most important components in blooming. One without the other only partially introduces you to your authentic self. 

Here are five questions from my journal prompt to make you hold yourself accountable and live outside comfort zones.  

1. How has your upbringing affected how you make decisions involving risk?
2. How do you typically react to times of uncertainty? How can you do better?
3. Is your sense of security more based on your control or God's sovereignty? How has this affected how you make decisions and deal with change?
4. Give five examples of how you can be more present this week.
5. If you had a month to live what would matter most to you this month? How does this compare to the way you've been living your life today?

If you'd like to refocus your energy towards self-awareness and personal growth I highly recommend getting the app here

Want to start refocusing your energy towards becoming your best self, but without journaling? Take note of these self-awareness exercises below. 

  • Expand your emotional vocabulary by articulating how you feel.
  • Question your motives, find 3 reasons for a decision. 
  • Weigh evidence before reacting.
  • Stop negative and critical self-commentary
  • Be accountable to your flaws

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself. 
-Leonardo da Vinci

Now I challenge you to be real with yourself. 
 What is blocking your happiness? What steps are you taking to live beyond your fears? 


  1. I love this sister! I used to neglect to pamper and care for myself, even the parts I was most insecure about.

    I've learned over the years, YOU matter. Ever part of who you are: Mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually needs to care for by YOU! No one can love you properly and understand your worth and value if you do not first know that for yourself.

    "Self-love without self-awareness is basically pointless. So, I've been making sure I hold myself accountable."

    Me too, girl! And in doing so makes every part of you, much healthier to blossom into the beautiful woman you and I are called to be.

    FYI: I love Brittney Moses!!! She's the

    1. She definitely is! So inspiring, I love her transparency and willingness to help. You have to take care of yourself across all spectrums, it's the only way you'll truly be one with yourself, accepting and progressing is key. Thanks for the love girl.

  2. Journaling is my life. I've been journaling since I was in elementary school. Wrote every emotion, feeling and self thought down. Even at a young age writing was always and has always been & still is such a big deal in my healing process.

    I love these tips and can't wait to add them to my journal life.

    This post was amazing!
    Great job sister.
    Love it and love you!

    1. Same! For as long as I can remember writing has always been an outlet for me and English was my favorite subject all throughout grades school and college. It's completely therapeutic! Thank you Mel, I appreciate you so much! Love you too!

  3. I love this post! It's so important to begin your morning with reflection because it really sets the tone of the day. Journaling is such a powerful tool for making real, lasting changes. I've got journals going back to elementary school. It's fun to pull them out and to see how my journey has unfolded over the past couple decades.


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