Hey there, I'm Ashley. A 28-year-old Grand Rapids, Michigan transplant hailing from the great state of California.  My love + passion for writing dates all the way back to grade school, where English was my absolute favorite subject (followed by History and Science). For most of my life, I was a student-athlete, which ultimately rewarded me with a full-ride scholarship to run track in college. While attending California State University, Los Angeles, I majored in Organizational Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. As many college students do, I believed I had it all figured out and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Living in Los Angeles for six years made me grow internally, but left me feeling stagnant externally in terms of my career. Completely outgrowing the fast life and expensive costs that LA brings, I returned back to my hometown, Fresno, CA. In that phase of life, I grew tremendously, gaining a little more appreciation for the city that holds the most important roots of who I am. However, I'm in a completely new and exciting chapter of my life, but still very much a rough draft of the woman I'm becoming. This chapter, and the various sections still being written, are all about self-discovery embracing the ups and downs that both womanhood + adulthood bring.

Our twenties are selfish years, but also the years we place the most pressure on ourselves to succeed. We pride ourselves on having it together and living life successfully, and when life doesn't resemble that, we either think: a) we've failed or b) we're doing something wrong. 

Both are the furthest thing from the truth. 

That is what my blog is dedicated to. Reminding those trying to figure it out that it's okay to not have it all figured out. To give ourselves time and allow life to provide us with the experiences we need to elevate us to our next level in life, and ultimately be okay with the decision to uproot ourselves and transition as many times as we may need. 

Currently,  I work in special education. I'm a certified Employment Training Specialist who works one on one with a caseload of high school seniors on the spectrum of neurodiversity, with transitional preparation for life after high school. I absolutely love what I do and so blessed with the way my career has shifted, but I went through many phases to get to this point, to feel reassured in my pursuit in this field. Now, as I prepare for both my exit out of my twenties soon and an advancing career in Behavior Science, it's through my experiences and vulnerability that I hope to touch + inspire others who stumble upon my website to regain comfort in being uncomfortable. Life is 100% of what we make of it and your measure of success is the only one that counts.  

All in all, my life is fruitful and abundant. I have no complaints and I'm happy with where I've been placed by God, as well as where he continues to take me. This blog is used to document all the transitions and life happenings. The purpose is to find all of me— in pieces by each stage I encounter. The beauty in that is even when discovering, I will often lose myself in the roughness of teachable seasons... and I always re-emerge, sculpted to who I'm meant to be. Ashley Avenu reflects all phases of truly becoming me.. in full form.

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