As you’ve figured out by now, my name is Ashley— but a lot of people call me Ash or AC for short. I’m a California native, currently based in Grand Rapids, MI for work. Those who are closest to me describe me as an old soul.

I’m a Special Education and Behavioral Health professional. I work one on one with high school seniors through work-based learning opportunities as an Employment Training Specialist by day, implement behavior treatment plans as an ABA therapist for children diagnosed with Autism by night, and a full-time graduate student everywhere else in between. I'm completely in love with my career and plan to share more about my field as it evolves. When I'm not at work with my kiddos, you can find me on my laptop, in front of my tv watching Netflix, with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine. If I'm not being a total homebody (9/10 I am) you'll probably catch me at brunch, happy hour, or a dinner date with some girlfriends. 

All in all, my life is fruitful and abundant. I have zero complaints and I'm happy with where I've been placed by God, as well as where he continues to take me. My blog is used to document all the transitions and life happenings that both womanhood and adulthood bring. The purpose is to find all of me— in pieces by each stage I encounter. The beauty in that is even when discovering, I will often lose myself in the roughness of teachable seasons... and I always re-emerge, sculpted to who I'm meant to be. Ashley Avenu reflects all phases of truly becoming me.. in full form. I hope that you stick around to witness the growth that comes with the experiences that I share here and enjoy the content on the way.