A Butterfly Unfolding


For the last month, I have been excessively intrigued with butterflies. In many ways, I can resonate with everything that a butterfly represents. Growing through the many changes in my life recently have caused me to really embrace all that I am encountering day by day. The obstacles, triumphs, and the boatload of emotions. It gets frustrating when your momentum gets interrupted and you have to regroup, but that's the beauty within the journey that can easily be misunderstood. Struggles are ugly, but they literally force you to grow. Of course, there are days that I long for times where I can finally catch a break and watch everything I desire to fall in line like a domino effect.. but if it were to be that easy, I wouldn't be sitting here at my office desk, drinking a glass of Stella Rosa and sharing how I'm still a work in progress. Every single day, I'm working on my own self-improvement, because I'm human. I have my fears and some doubts just like anyone else. I get in my moments of impatience. I get irritable with the lack of results. I rush too much. I'm human.

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