Brittany's Having a Baby!


I came back home to celebrate baby McKenzie with the friends I have had since middle and high school. It's crazy how fast life is going by. It seems like yesterday we were all in 7th grade and now everyone is away building their lives..engaged, married, going to grad school or starting little families of their own.  Sad the whole group wasn't here, but it was really nice seeing everyone who could make it back together again. If this isn't the definition of true friendship then I don't know what is. We  don't talk every day and we're all busy doing our own thing, but when we get together it's just like old times.  To still be surrounded by the same people I started out with and watching how each one is becoming their own woman is a blessing. Brittany, we can't wait for princess McKenzie to arrive. Congratulations beautiful!

The Journey '16: Omar "Ope" Craddock


It's 2016 and finally Olympic year for athletes who have trained day in and day out since the last summer games in London of 2012. This is the year where it all counts. Meet Omar Craddock, a twenty-four year old from Killeen, Texas chasing his Olympic dream. Formerly a stand out member on The University of Florida's Men's Track and Field team, which is also considered as "The University of Flights", Omar, who is now endorsed by Adidas is seeing much success at the professional level. After living in Gainesville, Florida for the past five years; Craddock is now back in his hometown of Killeen training for this years Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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