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Fragmented Promotions

I've been on a slight blog hiatus, I know. As I've mentioned in posts before, this year has been an extension to my personal growth and self-discovery journey. However, I'm so happy to be back and revamped with a brand new look! Sometimes, you just have to dress up a little to prompt some motivation, so I hope you all like the makeover as much as I do. Since I've been absent there's a lot that has changed. For one, I no longer work for CBS and NBC. It's really funny how much your growth changes your interests with time. One thing I can say though is that my position truly opened my eyes to what I wanted that I was too blind to see before. Mentally I had already walked away from the job, but I was physically still there.

I truly believed that starting my media career was a dream come true, as time went on, I just wasn't feeling it anymore. Honestly, sometimes jobs just don't turn out to be the right fit and that's okay. One thing I have noticed is that we usually take pride in what we do and hold our identity within that position. Often we'll get a position that in our eyes looks like an absolute upgrade, then it doesn't live up to our expectations. For me, I left Los Angeles to get my foot in the door only to semi-regret it. I say semi because before taking the position with CBS, I was in a temp position with the government. The day I gave my two weeks notice about getting the job at the station, I was told that they knew I wanted to work in media and had planned on positioning me for PR work with the Mayor. That sounded nice, but I was so focused on the fact that CBS handed over the position I didn't consider anything else. Once I started I loved it but I started feeling unfulfilled, again, with time. I still felt I was doing some things that I liked, but not everything. That's all I really wanted. To be able to do everything I enjoy all in one place. That's when God answered and the bigger vision came.

A consulting agency. For high school student-athletes. A full rundown of services and ideas for expansion once targets are met. I will admit, It kind of scared me a bit because I never had an experience like that with God until then. It was like an overflow of affirmation and an obvious answer to the questions I had been running through my head, plus what my soul desired. Only thing I didn't have was the idea. So I took that and ran with it. On the other hand, I kinda had a feeling that I would be let go from my job. I had already been looking for other positions because I had never been fired before and didn't want to experience it. I think most of that came from pride. I was too prideful in working for such an accredited network, I'll be honest. Not wanting to be let go was me linking firing to failure. That's not the case at all. I left on great terms. All my old co-workers/managers still keep in contact and express how much they miss having me around. The best part? Even though we decided to go our separate ways, they didn't want to. It's just the way of the industry. Leaving lasting impressions on people is always a good feeling and works in your favor in the end. The day I packed up all my stuff and turned in my key card was the most liberating feeling. I was happy. I felt free in a sense. I had not one ounce of disappointment, fear or uncertainty. I knew God had already placed my next move in motion.

The next four months after departing ways with CBS, I worked day in and day out to bring my business to life. I studied the market. Found a web developer. Researched high schools/athletic departments. Perfected brand colors. Created letter of agreements, business plans, policies, chose price points and everything. I utilized all the free time I had with unemployment and dedicated it to creating something for myself. I used the money from unemployment checks to put in my savings and finish out my rent. Now, God is completely altering the road I thought I was on and changing directions. I'm back with the government as a mentor aiding at-risk high school students, preparing them for job readiness. I was hired the same day as the interview because they felt my business could work collaboratively and increase growth, connections and build my network (since I am contracted through Fresno Unified School District). You really cannot tell me that isn't God. Everything is just positioned properly.  From being fired, to accepting the task of being God's vessel for his vision over my life, to him placing me accordingly. It was all a fragmented promotion. Every piece led to fixing the puzzle correctly.

For everything we lose, we gain something better. For anyone who has been fired before, I know it isn't the greatest feeling. Often times, the first emotion that comes up for some reason is embarrassment— especially if it's a job we take a lot of pride in. We think we've failed ourselves or that we weren't cut out for the job. Only one of those is true. No, you didn't fail yourself and yes you weren't cut out for the job because you were meant for more. In my case, I felt like there were a lot of talents that I brought to the table that were overlooked. Sometimes positions can hold back your light and gifts.  Find comfort in the fact that nothing is removed by God without the intention of aligning you with better. Ever notice how as you grow your surroundings do too? You have no reason to feel embarrassed about situations not working in your favor. You are always placed somewhere for a purpose, whether it be for a long time or a short time.

I want to end this by saying, with the new year approaching— start applying intent with the decisions you make for your life. When you do things with intent, there is no pressure and focus on the outcome.  When you set expectations, you are expecting something to go the way you envision it, which produces a lot of disappointment in the end. Sometimes blessings aren't in what God gives, but in what He takes away. 

Here's to a new month, new business and new alignment, all right in time for a new year. 🥂


  1. Sometimes blessings aren't in what God gives, but in what he takes away.

    That is a whole word right there! This is amazing Ash! The new look, the new post, the business... i am just in awe of how everything turned out for you. God is so good! And i can not wait to see whats to come... The best os yet to come. Love you monkey!

    1. Thank you so much Mellie!! I really appreciate it. I'm so happy everything is aligning just right. Love you too monkey!

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    1. Thank you Kris! Miss you.

  3. Wow. Thank you for answering God’s assignments for you! There’s a light that shines when things are done his way over our own.

  4. Tiffany, you are absolutely right! It's a bright light and things just seem to click and connect right on time. I know for a fact I will continue to accept whatever He wants for me becuase obedience has produced nothing but happiness in my little world! Thank you so much for reading.


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