Why It's Important to Fund Your Dreams Outside a 9-5


If you are anything like me, then a 9-5 isn't cut out for you. You are a creative, an optimist and constantly thinking of your next move. You have a vision of what you need to do, when and how you need to do it, always. You're endearingly passionate about your passion and there is nothing wrong with that, but when your passion is being pushed aside because all of your energy unwillingly goes into your regular 9-5— you get unmotivated, withdrawn and doubtful. There's a bigger picture to this aside how you may feel and it's time that you take notice that your dreams need to be funded too

Four Reasons Why You Should Keep an Eye on Michael Norman


Incoming freshman Michael Norman shocked the track and field world when he dominated his 200 meter semi-final heat by edging out veterans Justin Gatlin and Wallace Spearmon with ease at the Olympic Trials last month. If you weren’t aware of him before, you may want to get familiar with this household name.

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