update | where have i been?

Hi, ya'll! 

It's been a minute. Life for me has been a theme of constant movement since January '21. The reason behind my prolonged absence is due to me navigating graduate school, work + practicum. My program is accelerated and incredibly demanding but I'm handling it well (burn out can get tough). On top of that, I'm working with my clients while doing my practicum to accrue the required 2,000 fieldwork hours by the board. It's a lot, but I'm making it work. This process has kept me immensely focused, tired, frustrated, and excited all at the same time. My days seem to run together throughout the week, but I'm just blessed to be able to do the work i'm passionate about. 

I'm currently in my Spring B semester at Arizona State, which was one of three of my top programs to get accepted into. USC and ASU have always been dream schools of mine, unfortunately USC's program was campus based only, and if you all remember, I am currently living in Michigan. So ASU and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology were the two programs I applied to and got in, considering it was peak covid and everyone was quarantined— I went the online route. I decided to go with ASU, obviously, and vetted The Chicago School as my program choice if I decide to pursue my doctorate. So far, I have maintained a 4.0 throughout my program amongst all the craziness in my life, which was a personal goal I set for myself when I got accepted. So i'm pretty proud of that. I only have one more semester left and I'm done after the summer. (August 9th can't come any faster), which is the perfect segue into my birthday. So, i'm definitely looking forward to that, there will be so much to celebrate.  

There is a lot going on in my world right now and many changes on the horizon. This is my last year and few months left in Michigan, and although it's exciting, it's also a little bittersweet. I have really built a village here and I'm forever thankful for the people God brought into my life during my time in Grand Rapids. The purpose of being here was much bigger than I originally came for and now I'm at the point where that purpose was served, and it's time to start a new chapter. So I will be moving and incredibly blessed to be in the position to transfer my job, because I love my company. Although, it will be very difficult leaving my West Michigan clients! 

I've been in a season of hiding and learning the last 2.5 years and one things for certain, God has opened up a plethora of doors since my move to Michigan. He guided me to a purposeful career and laid all the steps down for me... and I followed the way. To be close to the end is an indescribable feeling. Everything is moving fast but in the moment seems slow. Less than 150 days and the journey will be semi-complete (still have to tackle remaining hours and the board exam), but that's what gets me excited the most, the fact that I'm really going after everything that I said I wanted for myself. This is just the stepping stone needed to catapult me to the next chapter, the chapter full of everything I sacrificed so much for. I have immense gratitude for the way God has covered and carried me thus far, no words can truly describe how grateful I am for the strength he instilled, to be patient and follow his lead. It gets difficult sometimes, but there's a bigger purpose for all of this and everything I have endured leading up to this point. I'ma stick beside him and continue to see his vision and plan over my life through to completion. He didn't bring me this far, to only get me this far... and he never said the road to becoming a Behavior Scientist would be easy, (cause babyyyy it's been lonely), but he appointed and placed me here for a reason and I'll continue to remind myself of that daily. 

So, with that being said:
life is good. 

see you next update!