1.13.2019 Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

I am finally back and functioning after a looooong vacay! I feel like I have been on go-mode since Christmas prepping for this trip. However, I'm glad that I finally have time to unwind and share highlights from one of my new favorite cities. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I mentioned bringing my YouTube channel back to life and the people wanted more content that shows my life in visual form, which honestly makes sense. In other news, Chicago was a beautiful city. Aside from all the negatives you hear about, this was one place that I have visited that made me consider living there (which speaks volumes because I was done with big city life after living in LA for six years). I absolutely loved it. The food was great, vibe was unmatched, and the people were so welcoming. Overall, 10/10 in my book. Chicago was a great decision for our New Years destination. Hopefully, travel vlogs become more of a thing on my blog!

With all that being said, I guess the video will do the rest of the talking for this post. Enjoy!

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