Embracing Accountability in 2019

 Two weeks late, but better than never. Like I mentioned in my Chicago post, I'm just surfacing back into the motions of life's everyday tasks. However, I very much wanted to make this post to reflect on what the last year has meant for me. If you haven't caught up with my highlights of my New Year in the windy city, you can indulge here.

With my blog now on its third year of rotation, I can only help but notice that I barely have content to cover those laps around the sun. They are very much spread out, but for me, that's a true reflection of the growth I've gone through since creating this platform. So many things have changed since then. 2016 and 2017 Ashley thought she had her whole life aligned and received so much more wisdom in return. Everything in my life hasn't gone exactly like I have envisioned but in some other ways, a lot of what I envisioned actually manifested too (if that makes sense). It's a good balance of prosperity and disappointment that produced a strong line of contentment, happiness, reassurance, hope and the most important of them all— faith.

What a transition. Holy maturity.
The woman I am today amazes me. I love her and she just keeps getting better.

Everyone who has stuck around and those who have joined in at the introduction of this journey, I thank you. Thank you to those who encourage me with positive feedback on my posts and openly shares how much I resonate/help you. It means the absolute world to me and makes me want to keep this discovery train running.

I can't believe it has been three years! That's a milestone in my book. Lately, I can't help but wonder what my blog will look like three to five years from now.. guess we just have to experience more life and see. The transitions that my blog has gone through over the last year have been eye-opening. Sharing my journey, good and bad (in my eyes) have helped me gain so much more wisdom in many different areas. There's still a lot more growth that will take place here but I wanted to kind of set the tone for how I want to do things in year 3.

Looking Ahead: 

I want to try my very best to create as much content as possible. but I'm also not going to force it. More quantity is desirable, but you know how the saying goes. So, quality always comes first! I honestly feel like I'm always telling myself that I want to be more consistent and then something in life causes me to grow and be in the cut for a little. However, a goal I have set for myself is to create some type of content management plan where I'm covering all areas that need to be met. Considering I have a fairly new business, a lot of my time needs to gravitate that way, but again, this is something that I really want to learn and master.

A vow that I made to myself this year was that I would do everything in my power to do more and work smart. Meaning figuring out a way that I can tackle things of importance to me without burning out and also completely crushing my social life. I am so determined to learn how to do it all per se but in a healthy way. When I look at one of my favorite bloggers, Laura Lacquer, she inspires me so much in this particular area. She and her husband are both doctors, with a family of five, she blogs full time, posts to social media like every day and produces valuable, quality content consistently. My fellow creatives, you know how time-consuming all of that sounds but it's inspiring! Here I am with my job, a new business that's getting off the ground, no kids having self, more time on my hands thinking I don't have enough time to do it all. When really, I just have to cook up the right formula that works for me and how I want to approach time management. All in all, I really just want to provide more for my readers and continue to grow Ashley Avenu to new heights. I really didn't even need to ramble like that to say what I just did lol. I'm all about setting up the storyline lol.

Something else that I want to start taking seriously is how my brand is reflected on social media. I definitely want to grow these platforms and position myself to work with top brands that can catapult my creative career. Being able to do what I love full time on top of my business is something that I really want to aim towards. I feel like I have unlocked the difficulty of mastering my online presence on Twitter which is difficult for a lot of people to do. I have grown that platform tremendously with careful quantitative research study and analysis (thank you communications degree). It took me maybe a year to really hit where I wanted that platform to be for my writing and now I'm wanting to have a more advanced reach. However, one platform that I struggle with content wise is Instagram and I know how pivotal it can be for my business and brand. So, that is also an area I am going to look more into and study my audience with hopes of growth, as well as my YouTube channel.

The Motto:

That simple quote, be where your feet are, really stuck with me when I saw it. I find it's very important to be open-minded along your journey and that's something I have grown to adopt. It really speaks for itself and I have no doubt that reciting this phrase to myself will get me back mentally where I need at that moment. I know it will help me not look too, too far ahead and to analyze ways that can get me to my destination from the view of a different cockpit. It will be an avid reminder to be open to many flight plans that help me soar and notice how my footing today, tomorrow, next month or even next year matter. Whatever I'm going through matters and is teaching me something vital.

My Word:

I've been enjoying my time reading Soar by Bishop T.D. Jakes and it's taken me a little time to finish this book than usual, but I haven't really had time to sit and read every day like I'd like. However, the title seemed fitting for how I want to embrace and approach this year. Soar. Everything about the word is how I envision my year to go. I see myself making necessary changes to get myself to where I need to be. I see new skills for next level evolution and prospering in all areas of my life. Soaring passed every step to the woman I am called to be in business, blogging, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. I want to reach the highest of heights. I want to be on my A game, unreachable to the version of myself that I'm shedding. I will soar, all 2019. In Jesus name.


It's been two months since I launched Proteg√© and I'm still doing a lot of groundwork. I have a lot of goals set for myself but I can't do everything on my own. I declared this would be the time I stopped playing it safe. I am investing in my vision to make it into an athletic consulting powerhouse. The first step was hiring a media management company for advertisements and social growth while I do all the face to face work. It's one of many business partnerships to come and a huge load off of my shoulders. That's working smart, remember. Whatever it takes for me to do this entrepreneurship venture the right way to build success, I'm in. I feel good about taking that first step. One of five big goals cleared off the board. The most important thing for me in this section is building strong relationships and partnerships.


This falls in line with my mention of doing more. I plan to do a lot more traveling this year even if it's locally or domestically. I want to see and experience more of what life has to offer. It's always been a bucket list of mine and honestly, why wait? There's so much out there ready to be experienced and explored.

I've written all of these down on paper already but I figured putting it on screen too may just double the manifestation.

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  1. I agree that inconsistency is a huge issue. I tend to put off my blog stuff for the next day or maybe even a week later, because life is happening for me and I have a lot on my plate. But I’m working to decide on how often I want to post a new blog, so far it’s been weekly. And Bc I’m new to social media, I’m learning IG and my FB page.