It's Officially Wedding Season! | Vlog

9.17.2017 Clovis, CA

Next month my best friend is getting married! I remember the day she brought Marques home to meet all of us our freshman year of college and I knew then that this was going to be something really special. This woman is more than a best friend to me, she is truly a sister. If there has been anyone who has seen me at my worst and witnessed me blossom it would be her. I am beyond excited for her and Marques! Se'nyce, you deserve the world girl. You are a phenomenal woman. You have a heart of gold and there truly isn't anyone on this earth quite like you. It seems like yesterday we were forming our friendship throughout basketball tryouts and now we are here.. this is really happening! (as Alex would say lol) 

I wanted to make sure that her special day could be remembered so I vlogged it for her. More celebration is on the way!



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