House Hunting! | Vlog

7.04.2017 Copper River Ranch

Yes! You read it right I'm officially on a house hunt. This is such an exciting time for me. After moving I realized that this goal of mine wasn't far-fetched at all. Now, that I'm living in a city where the cost of living is a lot more affordable, I questioned myself why rent? I would rather put my money into something I own and that I know I'm going to get value out of, especially if I'm not forced to rent considering my location. So here we are, searching for a beautiful home. I'm excited about the process, the building and picking out the colors I want, decorating and making our own memories.  I'm so thankful and blessed to have an amazing support system. The thought of having a home to build your own life in.. is so surreal, but I've enjoyed the search and I hope you enjoy the video!

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