A Quick Fix for Overcoming Confusion in Your Blogging Journey


Hi! Since you have made it over to read this post I can assume you've had some confusion (to some degree) while blogging. Now, what exactly do I mean by confusion? To make things clear, whether you're a blogging newbie or some years in; when it comes to your blog you can feel a little stumped at some point.

If you're here, trust me you aren't alone on this one.

This topic came about early this morning whilst exchanging emails with a young lady I mentor named Lauren. In her initial email, she asked if I have ever felt stumped or if I didn't exactly know which direction to go in throughout my blogging journey. My answer? Yes.Yes.Yes AND Yes. I also pondered day in and day out on how I could even reach the next level with my blog.

When I first started out with Ashley Avenu, I used it as a way to build my creative writing portfolio + document my career journey and it worked out perfectly to start. However, in the process, I had all these ideas of what I wanted to do with my blog to where I would confuse myself because there was just so much I wanted to cover! There's nothing worse than knowing what you want to do with your blog, but not knowing exactly how to execute it. I would get in these periods of not knowing what direction I wanted to go in at all. Ultimately, I didn't want to confuse my audience. 

So,  I share with you: four quick fixes to rid any cluttered confusion.  

Gradually figure out what works best for you

  • Give yourself ample time to get in the groove of things. Some posts will be more popular than most, but make sure you capitalize on that. Know that everything you write is gold. Views, comments, and likes will come the more you study and perfect your craft. The most important task for you to do is pay close attention to what content your audience is resonating the most with. Take notes and continue the cycle. The more you audit your content, the better and better it will get. Don't worry about anything else other than progression. When you get caught up in why this and why that, you lose sight of what the main goal is and that's progress. Only focus on the how's. How can I reach my target audience better? How can I market my blog efficiently? How much money am I willing to invest? How many hours in a week can I contribute? How am I going to network? Your blog is your own personal project and only you will learn what works the best, but once you figure all of that out, you'll be smooth sailing. 

Don't exhaust yourself trying to overdo it, simplify 

  • You don't have to do everything you want to your blog right away. Do what you feel is going to work best with what you have right now. Don't feel like you have to keep up, go at your own pace. Declutter and get organized. Simplify your thoughts, pinpoint what ideas could get you headed in the right direction and go from there. You learn as you go, so if you wait you will only confuse yourself more and prolong everything while adding more ideas to the table. Get what I'm saying? Work with what you have.

Acknowledge your good ideas and get a second opinion

  • When you feel like you just thought up something great that will set you apart, acknowledge it! Run it by someone closest to you and see what they think about it to get a tryout of what your audience will take from it. Test ideas out on other people to give you a deciding factor if you can't make up your mind. All ideas are great ideas, in my opinion, however when I can't pinpoint if it will benefit me or the direction of my blog I run it by my best friend Brittány or my boyfriend to get opinions from both genders. 

Let your blog grow organically on its own

  • Like I mentioned earlier on in this post, when I first started I was trying to do a lot. Now, that I am so close to securing a job within my field, I feel as though the purpose of my blog is going to change a little to target my audience with what I specialize with. Don't stress over what direction to aim your blog in right away because it slightly changes as you grow. Take it in strides. Ideas and different paths will come to you as you maneuver through your blogging experience. 
I would like to hear from you! What do you feel like you have/did struggle with the most while building up your blog? What strategies did you use to overcome the issue? Feel free to share, your experience could potentially help the next person!


  1. Great post Ashley! Everyone's blogging journey is their own. And I've found that even in the supportive communities we have, I have to do what works for me and not be swayed by others ideas. Take risks and be open to suggestion but never frustrate yourself trying to do something you should be enjoying. I've been guilty of trying to do all the ideas that pop into my head. Learning to write it down and slow down. Especially being in grad school and working full-time, I don't have time to do too much. I want to love blogging as much as I do now so all things in good time ��

    1. I totally agree! I found myself doing that as well when I first started out and I just was not feeling it. So when the new year came a got rid of all the generic posts and did what came from the heart.

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  3. I think we all come across a time where we start to question where we are in our blogging career. I'm learning to trust the process as well as staying in my lane. At times we can get caught up in comparing our journey to the next blogger which leads to millions of questions.

    1. I can admit that I have fallen victim to this very issue. Comparison helps nothing and only creates more confusion for you in what you think you should be doing (especiallu for new bloggers starting out). It's easy to want to follow whats trendy but once you find your niche, your angle and spot.. the rest takes care of itself!


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