The Importance in Representation of Black Women in Media

The need for more black women in media is a necessity. Some may not understand exactly why media needs more women of color, but I'm just going to come right out and say it. The need for black women is to address and correct the issues that are being highlighted, preyed upon and stigmatizing reflections of our community. We need more black women who are politically knowledgeable to speak up about the problems in this world. We need more black women who seek to bring our representation higher than reality television. We need more black women who are dynamic with a platform. We need more black women who can professionally apply pressure.

Representation is important and I can't stress that enough.

For example, Angela Rye's platform is uncomfortable for everyone who likes to shy away from the nitty-gritty truth. Her intelligence, strength and confidence anger and threatens many. It's quite interesting to see people so upset about the truth she's speaking. I mean, she's being just as vocal and straightforward as Tomi, but Angela states facts-- correctly.

Ava DuVernay, paving the way and emerging conversations to the surface that need to be talked about for all ages. Her storytelling will change your views and show you what won't be found in your history books. A woman of color like her was essential to bridge the gap where ignorance is bliss. She opened the candor and allowed that truthfulness to rise above matters that many were unsuspecting to. If it wasn't for Ava, many would still be blind and naive from the truth.

Yassmin Abdul-Magied. Grace.. class, distinct. Strong in her identity and informative in her religion. Able to correct the ill-informed with poise and respect. A woman speaking above those meant to intimidate and silence women of color.

See, these are the types of representations we need more of. As black women, our progress substantially collides with media stereotypes. They don't expect or even imagine us to be poised, well spoken AND intelligent. My goodness, they think we all have no sense. Right now, we only scratch the surface..imagine the impact of a rising incline? I'm talking massive #BlackGirlMagic. It's time to start taking the power we have stored away more serious. It's inspiring to see shades of brown on the tv and making a difference in this world and shifting the way things are "supposed" to be. It's so inspiring, that we all seem to think to ourselves, "wow, she is goals" and that's perfectly fine. However, we have to stop stating it and actually take action to become part of it. Claim to take on a role to better represent the culture as a whole. We are the one group whose portrayal is completely one-sided and viewers/audiences don't even get the full picture. We're so much more than what people believe us to be and that's where we need to step in.

Keep in mind that this post is not to degrade or make anyone else who doesn't identify as a woman of color feel any type of way. However, a lot of people can turn on the tv and identify with what they see. Black women? Yeah our numbers in representation are climbing, but a vast majority of what we see is exactly how everyone sees us. There's a lot of positives starting to come full-circle for us right now, but the negatives and misconceptions still seem to hover over. I understand that many of these shows out are for entertainment purposes, to say the least, but when you really think about it, it's purposely being fed to mainstream. I personally had stop watching the Love & Hip Hop's and any other show that makes black women look exactly how they perceive us to be, because I know we're better than that. Much better than that. You might not think anything of it and in no way am I attacking you for watching it; if that's what you enjoy. Above all, they want people to believe that that's how we truly are. Then we sit around and get mad when other races try to act out about this same exact issue. If a good number of us are accepting this potrayal, how the hell will anyone else know any better? That's why it's time to start flipping the scripts and ridding the misconceptions. We have a good amount of strong, successful black women in the forefront. What about the rest of us? We are one of the most intelligent, creative and hardworking group of people that I know. There aren't many things that can tear us down. However, I do believe in some way we got comfortable. Willing to accept things that were easier. We can do a lot more than just comfortable and easy. Our image is a lot more than oiled skin and scarce clothes. We are better and we can do a hell of a lot more than settle for the easiest door.

So, this is my call to all young black women. In what ways to do you seek to contribute? However and whatever way you can assemble your passion with simple change, I say do it. Make a difference. I don't know about you, but I refuse to keep having misconceptions hovering over me. If a lot more of us step up and show that we're all competent and capable and it's just not a few, we'll be moving in the right direction. Stop sitting around hoping and wishing to be the next Issa, Ava, Shonda or Elaine. Take full control of your passion and work harder than you ever have. It's not farfetched to believe in your dreams. I don't know about you, but I'm doing all that I can do to someday be able to say other little girls can positively identify with me. I hope this inspires someone to see the possibilities they hold in their hands.. and may we carry what we know is true and eliminate surprises, because shades of brown are exalting too.