When You Dance to Your Own Rhythm, Life Taps Its Toes to Your Beat


Have you ever felt like you're behind in achieving your goals, but everyone else around thinks you're doing absolutely great? Then you start to disregard all your little victories and before you know it, you're scrolling through your Instagram and Twitter feeds, comparing yourself and your accomplishments to everyone else; thinking "damn, I need to level up".

Sound accurate? I've been there too. 

 I will admit, I have felt like what I was doing wasn't enough, or not up to par I should say. I've felt this way on numerous occasions. This mindset is an easy mood killer and will have you questioning how you even went from happy to buzz kill in five seconds. Once your mood is pretty much tarnished, your motivation gradually starts to go with it. You start picking at little things and overthinking way too much. 

Well, I have a little secret for you...

The best way to flourish and bloom is sticking to your roots and doing you, for you

Nobody else, just you. Don't try to do everything you can just to look like you're killing it. Be lit, authentically and enjoy your life while doing it. When you focus on yourself, you feel better about what you're doing and where you're going. When you focus on yourself, everything starts meshing. 

I believe that everyone has their own unique blessing(s). Thus, that blessing comes to you when your mind, body, and soul are aligned. Focusing on everyone else's blessing(s) only makes yours stall. Envy will make you wait. So focus on yourself. One thing that has helped me is staying positive with one biblical verse and one quote of affirmation that best resonates with me. My two favorite come from the book of Hebrews and poet Adrian Michael Green. 

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."
Hebrews 11:1 (NIV) 

It's all about having faith in action and trusting everything will fall in place. 

"Each day she begins again.  Creating her newest most beautiful version."
Adrian Michael

Each morning God blesses you to awake is a new opportunity. It doesn't matter if the day before was one of the worst days yet, you have a fresh start to begin again. To manifest all that you are striving for step by step. Becoming your most beautiful and precise evolution. That alone should be enough to keep you moving forward. 

If you want to go to the next level you have to act like it. So this means getting rid of all your bottled up negativity, comparison, and unwanted doubt. The first step is genuinely believing. The second step is choosing and being you. Once you start off small and enjoy your progress, all the rest will follow through. 

Because after all, when you dance to your own rhythm, life is sure to tap its toes to your unique song. 

Be bold, be brave, be you. When you're brave, you empower others around you to be brave too. 

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