Linqup 2.0

Some months back, I wrote an article that touched on a new app that was emerging called Linqup. In case you missed it, I expressed how I believed Linqup would be the next big app for millennials (which can be found here). With any great idea comes many audits, tweaks, and a refreshed view. For founder and CEO, Xavier Boyd, it was about pressing the envelope to have his startup become what it should be and have it done his way. 

Over the course of planning, Xavier has added and subtracted many for the project. In order for his vision to come to life, it was important that he sharpen with like minded individuals. Although the first version did not go as planned due to novice behavior and a scattered crowd, Xavier was able to use that as motivation as he began to rebuild, connect, and parallel a team to relaunch his vision. Back in October, Xavier Boyd attended the Forbes 30 Under 30 summit which had the biggest influence on his road to relaunch. "There were so many like-minded individuals and a lot of positive feedback and information man, it was crazy; in a good way," he explains. "Serendipity and making people believe in your product were the two biggest standouts. I never thought an idea from my brain would have had me in those moments that I shared in Boston."  Xavier shared. 

If you have some unfamiliarity with Forbes 30 under 30, it's a set of lists annually issued by Forbes magazine where they recognize young entrepreneurs, creatives, game changers, movers, and makers all under thirty. There are about twenty different fields, accumulating a good six hundred nominees. The list is never repeated and categories range from finance, art, sports, consumer tech, science and much more. 

The summit gave Xavier, as well as friend Justin, a chance to see successful people who were once in their position speaking, which ultimately was all of the extra motivation Xavier needed. Justin is a close friend that now works very closely with Xavier in Houston, Steve with HBCU Confessions, and the Populace Partners in Atlanta who play a huge role in developing the project. Xavier doesn't like too much spotlight on himself, he would rather give credit to the team. He also explains that everything that he is doing is bigger than him, and likes to reassure that it's not just about Xavier. "Without those guys, Linqup would not be here. I just appreciate their loyalty, honesty, and believing." he genuinely expressed. With his humble and hardworking characteristics, Boyd is on the verge of releasing the next level of event hosting that can pave the way for a new age of marketing. 

For those who need a slight recap of what Linqup has to offer, let's dig in. Linqup allows you to have instant access to all of your social needs in accommodation to your personal preferences. You can find the latest events in your area from a variety of categories no matter where you are. Linqup caters to whatever you may need. 

The new and improved Linqup app is anticipated to be relaunched and available in the App Store by early February. If there are any general questions or inquiries you may have on behalf of the app, Xavier Boyd can be contacted via Twitter. His handle is @_xbtaughtyou.

Linqup is the app to download in early February.