Dear You, From Me: An Open Letter

I haven't spoken out much since Donald Trump became our President-elect, mainly because I was personally trying to process the entire thing. Confused and unsure how to manage my feelings and anger. I went to bed that night feeling a great amount of anxiousness and woke up feeling nauseous. I can honestly say that I was naïve. I was naïve enough to believe that America had more common sense to elect someone with prior knowledge of how to properly run this country. I was also naïve to think we were a changing country, and far past being idiotic to make this big of a mistake. But, I was just that.. naïve. To be honest America, and many may disagree, but we messed up— badly.

First, let me say that Donald Trump wasn't the reasoning I feared for this country. His supporters are. I could have cared less about him running in this election, but my issue with him sparked when all the hate began. Right now, in 2016 (nearly 2017) it feels as though we've made one of the biggest u-turns in history.

Let me be truthful and say that I, as a minority, haven't had many racists encounters like most. I am one of many accustomed to a lot of diversity living in California. In many ways, it seems as if we've been in a bubble because, two nights ago I saw something completely different. To see how many states were entirely red was a complete shock to me. Yes, I knew that there were some parts of the U.S. that still wallowed in racism, but I never realized it was to this extent.

It's only been three days and I've already seen scads of tweets and Facebook posts about personal encounters with Trump supporters. Enough to yet again, make me nauseous. Kids as young as Kindergarten are telling classmates they'll be deported. Muslim families having the talk about not wearing their hijab for their own safety. N-words flowing like never before. A group of minority kids being told they belong in the back of the bus, because Trump is our president now. However, the one that disturbed me the most was a college student coming back to her dorm room to see a line of belongings dividing the room with a sign that stated "Hey, Maria! Trump won so, here's a preview of what's to come  #Wall.".

Three days and it feels like we're getting an early preview of the next four years. Truth be told I'm worried about the direction that America is vastly moving towards. Our president-elect is completely unqualified, our new "first lady" can't even write her own speech without plagiarizing, let alone speak. We're more divided than ever before and we're looking pretty fragile now as a "united" nation. Not to mention, most don't even feel safe.

However, what this fiasco won't do is allow me to feel inferior. I'm a young, educated, black woman who works just as hard and deserves just as much and I'm not sorry that it threatens you. I am not sorry for being a part of an era where minorities are making strides. I am not sorry that you feel as though your privilege is diminishing because you feel entitled. I am absolutely not sorry about your real amount of knowledge in knowing that minorities have risen to the top, and you're scared to compete.

I'm not sorry at all.

Although, I do not support Trump or his repulsive views that we had to put up with throughout the presidential campaign, one thing I do know is that I cannot change the outcome. There is no point to waste my energy being upset over the epitome of hate being elected. I may not accept it, but I will deal with it. My only hope is that the Donald Trump we saw throughout the campaigns, is not the same Donald Trump we see as President of the United States. My only hope is that he now realizes that this isn't a game or a check box you are now able to mark off (you really got yourself into this). My only hope is that he has the decency to be a man of power for all people and not just one type.

If you haven't noticed yet, this isn't the "good ole' days" and you definitely are not dealing with the same compliant people. There is a difference now, and that difference is that I am not forced to stay quite anymore. I stand firm in diversity and I'm accepting of change. I stand strong with women and I will not be weakened within my journalism profession. I support family and friends of the LGBTQ community and no, I won't go back to where I came from. I'm already here and I'm staying.

I pray for all of those filled with so much hate and bigotry, especially those who claim Christianity as their religion. Unfortunately, you don't know any better. But, please take notice of why your entitlement and privilege feels threatened. You are still the only group left worrying about everyone else, while we're marching ahead. Trump's not your savior. After all, it is one nation under God.

If anything, I want to thank Donald Trump and all of his minion supporters. Why? Because you ignited, even more, fuel inside me. You hyped me up. You showed me reality. You showed me how to live peacefully knowing, I'm not miserable like you. I stand confidently in knowing that at the end of the day my heart is genuine and pure. That alone already puts me two steps ahead. Hate does not rise. Hate does not succeed. Hate will never make you better, more entitled, or superior than me. No matter how much you want it to, please know that your hate will never discourage me. It drives me.

To the Muslims, Immigrants, LGBTQ community, minorities and women who have felt the same way I have the past couple of days; I'm with you. Your problems don't have to relate to me in order for me to understand right from wrong. My religious beliefs won't steer me away from compassion. To my fellow journalist, don't let your voice die. They want you silent. No matter your race, religion, or sexual orientation, the most important thing for us to do now is to pick ourselves back up and continue paving. We must stand together in virtue. We must keep the little good and hope left in this country alive. Most importantly, we need to be united in support for each other.

You almost got me there America.


a journalist, minority, and woman who is not frightened.