Nights in Malibu

10.23.2016 Malibu, CA,

If there's one thing I love about living in Southern California, it's the gems you find while being here. The other night a friend and I decided to go out to dinner and discuss some ideas and feed off each other's creativity. Malibu Farm is the cutest spot on the Malibu Pier that's a favorite.

 Sidenote: All the food and drinks are organic and delicious if you're into healthy foods.  

So, for a starter,  I had the vegetable crudite and seasonal hummus with breadsticks and green goddess dip. I'm a lover of hummus and this was by far one of the best plates I had, a perfect go to. 

The second dish I had was the mustard lemon roast chicken + fennel- arugula which was pure heaven. It's a pretty big portion and could feed two, so Brittany and I split it between the two of us and it was just as filling. The chicken doesn't have a mustard taste at all, but it's very moist and juicy and perfectly cooked .

Brittany's starter was cauliflower crust pizza + mozzarella tomato pesto 

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