Ava DuVernay's Documentary "13th" and the Importance Behind the Black Vote

This film could not have come at a better time. As the presidential election nears and many of us are stuck between what we're going to do with our vote because the whole presidential debate and candidacy is a complete joke. The importance held within the information of this documentary is something I believe we all, of all races, should inform ourselves on. Here's why.

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution declared that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

The premise behind this single statement holds depths of ill discernment that has brought nothing but a systematic plague upon the black community for decades. It seems like people like to forget that African Americans have been dealing with this continuous cycle since the beginning of time. Everything that you see going on around you, in the present   none of this is new. Let's just get one thing clear. We did not ask to come here, we were brought here. People seem to get annoyed with all the pro-black movements and protests to awaken change, but what most fail to realize is that African Americans have been fighting an excruciating long battle.. and hell, we're tired.

 Nothing "American" here was truly granted to us.  

The way we live. The way we're seen, perceived. The way we are feared... was all set up purposely.  

You see, they ended slavery without really ending slavery. Black people have been systematically targeted and conditioned to live in the situations we are in on purpose. It has always been about race. 

That's what the 13th was designed to do.. slave laws and Jim Crow is just a further extension of slavery. The 13th amendment is a more abstract implementation of law, to make it look like America has progressed  but we have not. It only set the stage for three strikes, mass incarceration, and the prison pipeline agenda.

The victim can't victimize their self. So we can get that narrative out the way.

In no way is this a jab at anyone. This is just a simple notion of advisement to further educate before throwing propaganda.

I like to think that African Americans have come so far because in most cases we have within our own. However, America.. hasn't evolved as much. We might have lost the lynchings and segregation, but this country is still infected with this overly conditioned racial cancer.

This film isn't just for black people. It's for all people. For an entire nation to come to grasp with all the left turns we made in regards to one entire race. How it's affected people's lives then and now. While all lives certainly do matter, but black lives matter a hell of a lot too.

We were enslaved just to end up criminalized and our lives our vastly being taken away for things as simple as complying.

This country put this stigma on a whole race. Permanently. They made you afraid.

I'm not saying that every non-black person sees black people the same. But, what I am saying is before you try to depict every police shooting that involves a black man as a thug, or reach to find some justification as to why someone's father, brother, cousin and son was killed. Become knowledgeable of how this issue even became one in the same.

Become knowledgeable of why black on black crime is even a thing.
Become knowledgeable of why the ratios of black men in the US and the metrics of imprisonment don't correlate.
Become knowledgeable of what and who conditioned this country to even be this way.
Become knowledgeable of what stimulated all of this hate.
Become knowledgeable that the same exact record is being played.

There is nothing more powerful than the power of knowledge.

I know a lot of black people, especially in the younger generation, don't want to vote. I know many feel like it's pointless because the choice of the people isn't truly how things come into play. I get it.

But look at how far we have come, regardless of all the negatives we endure. This is what our ancestors fought so hard for. We have this luxury, we have this right now. It's our voice. No vote would only create a bigger risk of us being ignored.

I refuse to go back to Donald Trump's depiction of the "good ole days"...

..and we would be fools to just sit around and allow things to disintegrate even further without having some sort of say. They don't expect you to vote because they don't want you to vote.

13th is an eye opening and informative didactic that I think a lot of people need to see. It's a documentary for everyone who doesn't take the time out to understand why #BlackLivesMatter .. for everyone against Colins stand.. for those who support the ignorance of Tomi Lahren, for those who truly need to be educated— all races. For those who don't understand that how you feel and how you perceive things, were taught.. and conditioned. I encourage you to sit down and inform yourself. It's a must watch before even considering touching a voting ballot.