Social Media Presence + Its Reflection of Your Brand and Image


How many of us actually take our social media accounts seriously? How many actually see the importance of maintaining a professional image online? From what I've seen throughout my years of being on social media, it's not many. I too fell under being one of the unknown. Truth of the matter is,  your online presence could hurt you in more ways than one.

To start, a lot of millennials don't believe they even have a brand to begin with. Wrong. You are your brand and everything that you do is a reflection of that. I understand that you aren't in your desired career field, so you feel as though being professional online isn't necessary just yet but it is.

We're all still pretty young and twitter is one of the best apps around where we are still questioning how it's even free.. but it's so easy to tarnish your image with too. Think of it as the same type of representation you have to give off in an interview, you have to look the part.

Your presence online is your own personal doorway to existing opportunities, and a way to create future opportunities as well.

This goes for just about anyone, in any field.

Being linked with certain criteria all over your social media accounts can generate an off-putting image of you.

You want to be taken seriously.

I have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities come my way the second I turned around my online presence and geared towards what it was I was trying to do. The more I reflected on the amount of people contacting me about guest appearances and big interview opportunities, I realized that you truly don't know who is looking at your content. I'm no longer in representation of just myself.

Also, there will be times where you can't help who links your twitter handle to unprofessional usage but it's important to know how to act accordingly and pick and choose what's worth addressing and what's meant to stay lingering. 

..and for your own good, take advantage of the mute and block options that are available. 

Your online community plays a big role too. When I first started off I just followed a bunch of people I knew from high school, college and back home. As time went on, it wasn't just a kick it and vent place for me anymore, and I started seeing the differences in nonsense and substance. I got tired of seeing unnecessary ignorance every time I got online. So, I changed the type of people I followed.. (majority being sports writers, creatives, broadcast journalist). This way was more efficient when trying to network.  

Sometimes the people you know, will just have to understand that their online agenda just isn't meshing well with yours. If you have to unfollow, unfollow. No hard feelings, you're just working. 

Make it a point to show what your services are. If you do graphic design show that. If you are into PR, show that. If you are a writer, show that. Make sure you are showing what you offer in order to garner more clients, following or offers from your social media account. 

Also make sure you touch on topics that intertwine with your niche, the most important. This will help with your online community and who you connect with. 

Don't confuse the consumers. These are the very people who help your brand and help you evolve. Stay intact with your pack. Meaning, don't do too much and stay consistent with what your niche offers. 

Never hesitate to advertise and promote your work, it benefits you in the end. 

Make sure your content is consistent with your online presence. Whatever kind of work you plan on doing, make that the theme of your page. For example, my twitter handle can be linked to all things sports.. where as others may be art, public relations, medicine or activism.

If you just can't seem to keep certain things separate or evenly aligned on one account, make two. There's nothing wrong with this, just make sure you know which handle your delivering information from when it counts.

Personal brands need upkeep and it's only right to allow that to be perceived when people come across your page.

Hacks To Rid Twitter Trash

You actually don't have to make a completely new page to get annoying tweets that serve you no purpose out of the way.. if you didn't know.

There are effective sites that can help you delete tweets in bulk for starting fresh. 

take advantage, it can save you. 

Put Twitter To Better Use

#1 Follow People Who Inspire You. 

Your whole entire Twitter experience is determined by whom you follow.
I like to follow (a) people who inspire me in business, and (b) people who inspire me personally. 

#2 Profile Pictures Sell You

Ideally, you want to associate your brand with nice quality pictures.
It doesn't always have to be professional, although that's a good route to go.
However, people take notice to quality and it will attract interest in your page. 
Not to mention, it makes you seem more professional with your services. 

#3 Revamp Your Visual Branding 

Take advantage of advertisement via Twitter header. Throw up your brand logos, blog headers,
anything that falls in line with what you do, it's a good idea to put to use here, because it's
the first thing people see. 

#4 Rewrite Your Bio

This also sells you. I can't tell you how many times I've come across profiles that have disturbing content in them. I get it, it's all for jokes these days.. but I'm not trying to be associated with that.
Let people know what you do. This is kind of like your bragging rights and permission to toot your own horn. Let it be known that you are killing' it. If you are aspiring to be something, speak on that. If you are currently involved with something, mention that. If you're an athlete, put that. Market yourself, because this small fix determines if you're worth following.

I would love to hear from you. How do you feel rebranding your social media has helped benefit you so far? Have you considered taking these actions?


  1. I literally just started on this path! This is so important. I deleted all my tweets and started completely over!
    Great post Ashley!
    Markesia ❤️

    1. It's beneficial to creating not only a positive image, but a "workable" image as well! So happy you started fresh girl! You are your brand.


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