Why It's Important to Fund Your Dreams Outside a 9-5

If you are anything like me, then a 9-5 isn't cut out for you. You are a creative, an optimist and constantly thinking of your next move. You have a vision of what you need to do, when and how you need to do it, always. You're endearingly passionate about your passion and there is nothing wrong with that, but when your passion is being pushed aside because all of your energy unwillingly goes into your regular 9-5— you get unmotivated, withdrawn and doubtful. There's a bigger picture to this aside how you may feel and it's time that you take notice that your dreams need to be funded too

The worst feeling you can ever experience is the feeling that your job runs your life. You get up almost every morning and do the same repetitive, scheduled routines day in and day out. You wake up and go to work, just to wait to get off of work. Terrible, isn't it? 

Realizing that you truly and personally aren't meant to work for (or) under anyone but yourself is probably one of the biggest lightbulb realizations you can have. For example, you first entered your job and everything was cool, people were nice, you were making money and everything flowed. You were already aware of what it was you truly wanted to do, but for right now this job would temporarily do. Then your first "nope" encounter (the "this isn't for me" realization) happens, strike one. A little time passes, you don't forget, but move on from the first strike and then "nope", strike two. Around the second nope encounter, you find yourself starting to try and figure out ways you can leave because you feel stagnant.

 Being drawn in the direction of our dreams and having to put up with the reality of where you are right now is the biggest challenge you have to juggle. However, the mentality is everything.. and that's the trick. Focusing so much on the end destination and how much you hate your current job or how much better your life would be if you were actually doing what you love will drain you and cause you to miss the beauty of the process. You will be miserable doing those things, trust me. You have to trust the process, no matter how bad you don't want to. Yeah, it would be amazing to drop your day job and chase after what sets your soul on fire.

But,  girls just want to have funds and your dream isn't funding you right now, that 9-5 is.

It's important for you to find time to take charge, change and break the cycle. Don't play the waiting game

Sitting around and waiting for an opportunity to fall into your lap with no action is the easiest way to remain stuck and waste time, it also brings in unnecessary comfort. You can't see progress with no work. Whatever it is that you think about every second of the day is your gift, that's your passion and your soul is literally telling you to go after it. 

The best way to get there is to get there yourself. 

Your dream and your vision might intimidate the people around you. They might think you are incapable of achieving these things because they've let that unnecessary comfort settle in... or maybe, just maybe, they don't want to see you doing better than them, so they try to cloud your vision in hopes you settle too. Please, whatever you do, don't let these type of people make you believe you have to settle with mediocrity because it's comfortable. It sounds a bit harsh but, do you want to fall in line with everyone else and be content doing the minimum because it's easy? Or do you want to be happy knowing you stepped outside your boundaries and live completely happy? Your situation solely relies on you. Go hard for yourself, know what you have going on and be confident that it will become what you imagine it to grow into.

Have faith in yourself. Start to accept the fact that you will face multiple trials and errors when figuring things out, but you have to keep trying. Things won't change overnight, but that's why you must take small steps daily. No rain, no flowers. Don't run away at the first sign of a struggle.

The biggest task is finding a balance between your creative and work schedule. Take little steps and work at what you want a little more each day. Starting with this simple, yet significant action will awaken all the creativity and ideas that have been drowned out by your lack of energy and will start becoming a routine—  with more time set aside for your vision, increasing the opportunities for dreams to awaken.

It's important to find your tribe and love them hard.

Your tribe: the people you surround yourself with that will not only help you grow but uplift, believe and invest in the process with you. Their support is pure gold.

Funding your dream goes deeper than money. You have to put in the time. The effort has to be consistent. You must keep the vision alive. Funding comes from trying to make nothing into something. Utilizing your current situation in ways to change course. Funding your dreams takes will-power. It's having the knowledge that you might come off crazy, but still persisting to be despite what others think. Funding your dream is doing what you have to do, in order to be placed where you want to be.

Work hard. Believe in what you see. Schedule creative work around actual work. Stack your money up and when things start to come full circle— remain humble. 
Your 9-5 is presenting yourself to the best version of you. Take notice of every emotion you feel and take note of how much ambition grows with every obstacle you face. You're still being tested and pushed because prosperity is much sweeter when you know what it took for it all to come forth.

Before you go, I would love to hear from you. How are you feeling about your 9-5 and what ways are you coping with these feelings?


  1. This is a great post! I definitely am ridiculously ambitious and ingenuitive.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Samantha! You aren't the only one, hopefully this can help you a little with how you approach and take tasks on.


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