Why I Think Linqup Is the Next Big App for Millennials

In this day in age, we have complete access to just about everything we need right at our fingertips. All that we do and need surrounds itself by apps. However, what better way to see what’s going on right where you are, right now in a matter of seconds? That answer is quite simple, Linqup. 

Linqup allows you to have instant access to all of your social needs in accommodation to your personal preferences. You can find the latest events in your area from a variety of categories such as family, education, clubs, outdoor activities, church and many more. This app can easily grow into one of the biggest event hosting handles on the market. Your troubles of trying to find some fun while your in a new town are gone. Linqup has all of the qualities to surpass your needs. 

Behind the scenes are the two masterminds of this great idea: Co-CEO and Founder Xavier Boyd and Co-CEO and Co-Founder Bryan Miller. Both Boyd and Miller are natives of Houston, Texas with a skilled athletic background. The two met through track and field and now hold graduate, All-American and NCAA Champion titles to their name from the University of Houston and Texas A&M. Now, life after college and sports, Xavier is working as an Operator for Magellan Midstream Oil and Gas and Bryan as an IT Recruiter. However, with the flexibility of schedules Founder/CEO Xavier Boyd came up with the idea to develop an app by the name of “Linqup”. This name stemmed from the saying “link up” maintained by none other than Generation Y, with a logo addition of the Cuban link. Boyd then brought the idea over to Co-Founder / Co-CEO Bryan Miller, who was working on his own app development himself with his partner Anuj Pandya, the secondary Co-Founder, who currently works for HP and the development planning for Linqup began. As of September 2015 it’s been the three of them, hitting the ground running. Taking many losses and lessons throughout it all, but prospering and never letting up. 

Linqup offers you two young, educated and ambitious African American entrepreneurs out of Houston, Texas who are planning to inspire and give light to others who have ideas by not giving up and “sticking to the script”. 

“Our vision is to see people use Linqup to find events that they can’t see regularly online, big or small, it does not matter..our users will have full access to events exclusively through what people create around the world..” 

“Never box yourself in for lesser value— you can do ANYTHING.”

Xavier Boyd, Co-CEO and Founder

genuinely believe that these two young men can take this app far. They both have the right concept, the right team and most importantly the right network influence. The amount of growth I see this app gaining can make noise once the ball starts rolling. Your events have the potential to prosper and grab the attention of those visiting in your area like never before. Head to the App Store and start experiencing Linqup today. 


  1. Keep up the good work guys, the sky is the limit!!!

  2. Good work fellas! I'm excited for you!!
    Friends found it on iTunes and I pulled it up on my laptop. When will it be in the Google Play Store so I can add it to my phone?

    1. Hi David thank you for reading. The App is currently unavailable for Android, but is being worked on and projected to be ready for you and other Android users around September!

  3. Great job!!!I wish you guys the best

  4. Great job!!!I wish you guys the best

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