One Track Mind: Dominique "Domo" Booker

When you have parents who were stand out track and field athletes in high school, college and at the professional level, it only makes sense for you to follow in their footsteps with your gifted athletic genes. They say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and Dominique Booker has followed each path. Now, this Olympic hopeful is preparing herself for a much bigger stage in Rio. However, her first stop is a place she's familiar with the Olympic trials at Tracktown USA.

Dominique Booker was born in Camden, New Jersey and got her foot in track and field through her high school basketball coach Mr. L. Speed was Booker's downfall when it came to basketball due to her running faster than dribbling. So, without hesitation Dominique was introduced to the high school track coach, Coach Haneefah, midway through her basketball season. The idea of Dominique picking a spring sport to keep in shape was brought up while doing suicides on the court. Coach Haneefah laughed  when she saw Dominique upset at the extra work she was putting in after practice and expressed that her speed on the court doesn't prove anything that she could do on the track. Booker took that as a challenge and went out for the track team. As a freshman, and the first time ever running, Dominique clocked a time of 12.40 in the 100 meter dash in snow and 45-50 degree weather. In the moment, she didn't believe it was fast. Soon enough everyone realized how good she could become and every year after that, Booker became better and solely gave her all to track.

Fast forward some years and two schools later. Dominique Booker is now training professionally with ALTIS in Phoenix, Arizona. Starting out as a Knight for The University of Central Florida and finishing up as a Kentucky Wildcat, Booker is just getting started. What separates her from the competition is the simple fact that she has so much raw potential and natural talent waiting to find it's way out. Booker has been running  track for ten years and still hasn't completely grasped hold of the sport completely. "There are a lot of things I still haven't clued into yet" she explained. "I have not fully tapped into my potential or even know how to! Most would look at that as a disadvantage but I see it as a chance to age like fine wine. The more I learn, the better I become and the more I excel until I am eventually at the peak of where I need to be. I fully believe that it will all come together in perfect timing." Dominique says. With her potential falling in line with her patience, she will be a force to be reckoned with once it all comes together.

As the Olympic trials approach within a couple weeks, Dominique Booker's main focus is tweaking the needed areas in her race. With a great season to piggy back off of heading into the trials Booker knows exactly what needs to be worked on. The 2016 season so far has been positive for Dominique for her first year out of college. While working on her form, race phases and patience at practice, Dominique Booker is aware that she has to have a better sense of mental strength heading into this years trials and most importantly, keeping her mind clear and focusing on herself.

As she continues to achieve her goals and prove all of the doubters wrong, she likes to look at her life as a living testimony that God can take something so small and make it massive. Booker knows what it feels like to be the underdog, which only fuels her more. Dominique is looking forward to learning more about herself as an athlete and gaining the wisdom throughout her young career. With a huge team of supporters and an abundance of prayers and encouragement flowing in, Dominique has all the support to keep pressing forward when things get tough. Her advice for others with the same Olympic dream:

"Keep your head up! It is not always what it seems. You are not forgotten and your time will come and always remember that impossible is more than possible."

Make sure you tune in to catch Dominique and many other Olympic hopefuls as they chase and take on a life long dream at the 2016 Olympic trials at historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. Catch all the action July 1-10th.