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3.22.2016 Redondo Beach, CA

For all of you who have been following my journey through my blog, you are well aware that my dream is to become a sports reporter / journalist. For those who are new here (welcome!) and yes, that pretty much sums up my dream job. In one of my first posts "Things Didn't Go As Planned.. Is There Even a Plan Anymore?" I talk about how I'm coping with post college stress, uncertainty and etc. However, a few months have passed since then and there is great news! Here is an update on a minor, but exciting transition in my journey.
The whole reasoning behind this blog was to document my journey into my dream career and to work on my content as a writer. It's been about three months since I started and it will be a month tomorrow since I published my first ever sports article. I've been really focused on what I've been trying to do, a little distant from my social life and just constantly trying to perfect my craft. With my visit to my dream school coming up next month, I've really been trying to keep myself motivated. I'm human, so at times when I don't see things happening when I want to see them, I get disappointed. However, my blog has been doing pretty well to only have been up for three months, a lot better than I expected to be completely honest. Blah blah what's the news? 

So, earlier today I was ranting on twitter about how I constantly pray for opportunities to live out my dreams, even if it's little opportunities. I went on to say how I don't want to be in the same place I am in five years and how I'm keeping my faith strong that all the work I am putting in is leading me somewhere. I'm very ambitious, I occasionally think of the now and always thinking about the future because I refuse to be stagnant. That's the exact reason why I decided to just stop waiting around for an opportunity or for people to see what I have to offer and create my own content, on my own platform, my own way and watch the vision come to life. I'm not going to lie, I had some doubts and fears that my writing wouldn't be good, but as a journalist I am my worst critic. Gratefully enough I received a lot of positive support and feedback, which is appreciated beyond words.

As I finished my little rant, about 30 minutes later I see an email pop up in the corner screen of my laptop. Considering the fact that I'm still at the job I hate lol I assumed it was an email about one of the jobs that I applied to recently. To my surprise, it was an email from the managing editor from SB Nation.. Thee SB Nation. For any sports junky like me, you probably find yourself on SB nation reading about your favorite teams or even see tweets pop up on your timeline about March Madness.. I was in disbelief. Here I was disappointed and becoming doubtful. But, when in doubt.. God pulls through. Today, I was offered an amazing opportunity to join SB Nation and be a contributing journalist for the Conquest Chronicles portion for the USC Trojans. USC being my #2 dream school, this is big. I was ultimately given the option to cover USC and Stanford, but for now I decided to solely start with the Trojans and transition amongst other schools along the way. 

It's amazing how much progress you can see once you put your mind to something. I got tired of applying and applying and applying some more, to where I just decided to take action and do things on my own and so far.. it's paying off. I literally write down my goals and constantly think of ways to get ahead, to help me get to where I want to go daily. Everything I am doing now is a plan to ultimately mold me before I even step foot into my masters program, that way when I am there– I can only get better. It still hasn't fully hit me yet, but I am forever thankful. Although, these are baby steps to where I eventually want to end up, it's just the beginning for myself as a journalist and I am so excited to see how this journey continues and even more excited to start my new Trojan focused work.  

P.S. put your mind to whatever it is you believe in, consistently work in silence, pray and create your own opportunities. 💫✨

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